Rheinberg, natürlich niederrheinisch

Blues-Rock-Konzert: Matt Schofield

Kulturinitiative Schwarzer Adler e.V.
Baerlerstr. 96
47495 Rheinberg
02844 2458
Schwarzer Adler
14.05.2020 -
20:00 Uhr
VVK 23,-

MATT SCHOFIELD (UK) British born and now US-based, Matt Schofield is a multi-award winning guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. With his iconic tone and melodic, fluid style, along with his passionate and emotive live performances, Schofield is widely regarded as one of the most innovative British Blues artists of his generation. He has been rated in the top ten British Blues Guitarists of all time by Guitar & Bass Magazine, alongside legends Eric Clapton and Peter Green, as well as pocketed three consecutive wins for Guitarist of the Year, and a win for Album of the Year at the British Blues Awards. Schofield's prowess has taken his band to over 25 countries worldwide, and has seen him trade licks with notable guitar heroes, including Buddy Guy and Robben Ford. www.mattschofield.com